Some Sellers in the Boise, Idaho Area are saving thousands to sell their home

Posted by Allen Cofield on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 1:22am.

Sellers are taking up this opportunity to save thousands of dollars selling their home, or are they?


While some sellers are attempting to sell their homes on their own, they are missing the opportunity for the best marketing strategies to get the best possible outcome for their bottom line and net profits.  While it may seem easy to cut out the agent and to just stick a sign out in front of their lawn, or find a for sale by owner website to post the home with a few pictures, one must ask how well is their home really being perceived by a buyer in its presentation and have they mastered the art of tough negotiations to render the best possible outcome for the sell of their home to the right buyer with the proper qualifications?  Unless you have been trained in many facets of the real estate field, you may not truly understand the pitfalls that can occur during a transaction and how a trained professional in the real estate business could save you countless hours and mistakes which will ultimately save you thousands of dollars, legal issuse, and time throughout your process.


The ultimate end game and goal is to sell your home, right? How about we add just a little more, sell it for the highest price in the least amount of time?  Who ultimately determines the price of real estate, buyer or seller?  If you can answer that question, you might have this partially figured out.  Currently, the market is shifted toward a seller's market but does that mean the seller determines the price of their home?  This is a very important segment to understand along with knowing what and who is qualified to purchase your home.

So a seller jumps off to Zillow for an estimate of value of their home, however, what is lacking the most about this approach is the personal touch of the agents engaged with what buyers are really looking for in a home and the value they give to those attributes.  For example, can you possibly know that your Elite Sonos Sound system automatically adds value to your home to a buyer because you spent thousands on that system and they will just love it?  What if they were deaf?  What value is perceived at that point?  So the point here is knowing how to target your home to the right buyers and presenting it in the best possible light.  Marketing today is dynamic and not a static process and must be adjusted accordingly.  This is what a professional can provide to you that is fully engaged in this business of Real Estate.  

If you have read to this point, you must perceive there is a message behind this blog that can be very helpful to you and there is a limited time opportunity for you to still save thousands of dollars selling your home.  Take just a few minutes to review this real offer which can possibly give you the best possible outcome for your needs if you give it a shot.

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