October 2017

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Looking for great reasons to check out Idaho for housing and business opportunities when thinking of moving from California or another state into Idaho?

I have researched several reasons for you that might catch your interest and that of your current employees.

A MERIC Report for the 2nd Quarter of 2017 ranked California number 49 for the cost of living compared to Idaho ranked at number 12.  This report also breaks down housing comparisons on the two states for which you can draw your own conclusions on the difference and know that Idaho has real estate that you may want to consider quickly while it is still listed at a great price.  Many Californians have started migrating to Idaho because of the great outdoors, a more affordable home, lower

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Sellers are taking up this opportunity to save thousands of dollars selling their home, or are they?


While some sellers are attempting to sell their homes on their own, they are missing the opportunity for the best marketing strategies to get the best possible outcome for their bottom line and net profits.  While it may seem easy to cut out the agent and to just stick a sign out in front of their lawn, or find a for sale by owner website to post the home with a few pictures, one must ask how well is their home really being perceived by a buyer in its presentation and have they mastered the art of tough negotiations to render the best possible outcome for the sell of their home to the right buyer with the proper qualifications?  Unless you have

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fun things to do in the boise region


By Allen Cofield,
Dated: October 3, 2017

Idaho is the state to get you outdoors with plenty of fun things to do.  This is main reason it attracts so many people to the Boise, Idaho Regional area.  The statistics show there is 444,028 population now and growing daily, the married population show 54.8% which means there's still a chance for singles to meet, the Median resident age is 35.8 years, unemployment rate at 3.0%, the median home price as of June 2017 was $273,950 and your average commute time is about 20 minutes.

No matter where you go during the spring and summer seasons, you will experience many green trees in Boise, Idaho which is also known as the City of Trees, the plush green embankments near

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