Top 10 Fishing Spots to Know in Idaho

Posted by Allen Cofield on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 4:49pm.

Finding a great fishing spot in Idaho is easy to do. There are so many lakes and rivers to discover and each one has something unique to offer.  I am going to share with you some of the highly treasured spots noted by local Idahoans. Idaho contains about 26,000 miles of streams and rivers and upwards of 3,000 natural lakes and has a variety of species of fish some which are unique to Idaho to offer you. Whether you like to fish in the spring or the fall seasons, you’ll find other anglers packing up their poles and fly rods and taking full advantage of the fishing opportunities offered within our state of Idaho.


 1. Brownlee Reservoir – Reference: and

 From Boise, this location is about 2 hours 40 minutes away and is located in Cambridge, Idaho.  Brownlee Reservoir is 57 miles long and lies on the border between Oregon and Idaho. A variety of fish inhabit the reservoir including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, trout, blue gill, and more.  Brownlee is considered the best warm water fishery in the state - Cast a line and catch something.

 2. Big Wood River - Reference:

 Big Wood River is about 2 hours away Southeast of Boise and is located in Blaine, Camas, Gooding and Lincoln Counties.  Big Wood River contributes to the Snake and Columbia Rivers and is about 137 miles, and is known to contain rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Its fishing season normally runs from Memorial Day through November, but certain parts of the river open year-round for catch and release.  This location is gorgeous and could be your perfect fishing getaway.

 3. C.J. Strike Reservoir - Reference:

 CJ Strike Reservoir is a about an hour south of Boise and is located in Elmore and Owyhee counties, Idaho.  This reservoir is a great location spot for fishing, camping, boating, and hiking.  Looking to entertain the whole family, this would be your spot. It has fairly accessible fishing and campground nearby.  Fish species common here are catfish, bass, trout, perch, and crappie.

 4. Fishhook Creek - Reference:

 Fishhook Creek is 3 hours Northeast of Boise and located in Stanley Idaho. If you like solitude, this creek is for you. Get ready to hike out to get to the creek, starting at Redfish Lake Lodge. The creek is about 9 miles in length and is a tributary to Redfish Lake. Different species found here are bull trout, cutthroat trout, chinook salmon, and sockeye salmon.

 5. Little Salmon River -

 Little Salmon River is about 3 hours north of Boise located in Adams and Idaho Counties and is tributary to the Salmon River, its about 425 miles, making it the longest flowing river in just one state in the United States! You’ll catch an incredibly scenic spot, with resident fish species including Chinook Salmon, rainbow, whitefish, cutthroat, steelhead, and bull trout.

 6. Lake Lowell - Reference:

 Lake Lowell is 1 hour west from Boise and is one of the more underrated fishing spots in the state. It is home to a variety of spaces but is considered a bass haven. The lake is located just south of Nampa, Idaho, and is known to warm up fairly early in the year, making it a great boating spot. This lake has known to be more problematic for high algae levels and E-coli findings due to its depth levels after mid-June and has been recommended not to enter the water during these times.

 7. Marten Lake - Reference:

 Marten Lake is located in the Sawtooths about 2 hours and 40 min Northeast away from Boise, Idaho and requires about a five-mile hike to access. The scenery proves to be worth the extra effort to get to the lake. The lakes crystal clear waters are home to both rainbow and bull trout. If you like Idaho wilderness, this fishing spot is great location for you.

 8. Saddleback Lakes - Reference:

 Saddleback Lakes is located about 3 hours Northeast of Boise, Idaho near Stanley and has an abundance of fish that makes for a fantastic overnight fishing trip. You’ll hike 2000 feet in elevation to the lake but the payoff is worth it. It has turquoise waters in the middle of a forest. Something you would dream of or see in a movie.

 9. Silver Creek - Reference:

 Silver Creek is located in Peace Valley, just 2 hours 15 min East of Boise and is noted as a must-see place, even for non-anglers! It has amazing fly fishing, and an abundance of wildlife including fox, coyote, moose, elk, rabbits, waterfowl, and more.

 10. Swan Falls Dam - Reference:

 Swan Falls Dam is located near Kuna, Idaho, about 50 min south of Boise and the most unique aspect of this reservoir is its large quantity of sturgeon.  You could catch six-foot fish (and sometimes bigger) here, but you want to make sure to follow the state's regulations on how to catch and release these type of fish.


If you are looking for a change in your outdoor activity, Idaho could be the place for you to enjoy some incredible places to fish, camp, hike and ski.  Stay tuned for more great information and if you are interested in the Real Estate Market in the Boise Idaho Area, I am a Real Estate agent ready to help you.  Feel free to reach out.

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